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Mentions légales

The information contained on this website comes from numerous sources, and therefore, GAINDEGIA only authorises the re-use of that information always under the following general conditions:

  1. Denaturalising the sense of the information is expressly prohibited.
  2. The source of the target information re-used must be quoted. This quotation may be carried out as follows: Source:, GAINDEGIA.
  3. This must mention the date of the latest updating of the target information re-used, so long as it is included in the original.
  4. It may not be indicated, implied or suggested that GAINDEGIA participates, sponsors or supports the re-use carried out with the information.
  5. GAINDEGIA shall not be held responsible for the use made of the information by the re-use agents.


Qui sommes-nous

Euskalgeo est une Infrastructure de Données Spatiales sur le Pays Basque, qui permet d'obtenir, de consulter et d'utiliser toutes les ressources disponibles.

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Mentions légales




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